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9:00am - 12:00pm

Morning Session

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9:00 am

   Welcoming Remarks

9:20 am

   Performance of "Blue" 

   Emma Graebner and Sofia DiNatale

9:30 am

   Nicole Biamonte

   "Wide Harmony: Joni Mitchell's Slash-

   Chord Piano Voicings"

10:00 am

   Lloyd Whitesell

   "Dissolves and Jump Cuts in Joni

   Mitchell's Poetry"

10:30 am

   Peter Kaminsky & Megan Lyons

   "'Preparing to Launch:' The Joni Mitchell

   Archives Volume I and Her Early Period"

11:00 am

   Break for 15 mins

11:15 am

   Ann Powers, Malka Marom, Daniel Levitin

   "Back to the Garden: Reflections on Joni

   Mitchell's Life and Art"

12:00 pm

   UConn President Thomas Katsouleas

   Awards Honorary Doctorate to Joni Mitchell

1:00 - 4:30 pm

Afternoon Session

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1:00 pm

"Counterpoint and Embodied Expression in the Music of Joni Mitchell"

Timothy Koozin, University of Houston

1:30 pm

"I Can't Even Hear the F***ing Music Playing: Trauma, Cross-Racial Performance, and the Limits of White Empathy in 'The Beat of Black Wings'"

Matthew J. Jones

2:00 pm

"Joni's Urges for Going, 1965-71: Archives, Context, and Early Style"

Adam Behan, University of Cambridge

2:30 pm

"'Everything comes and goes:' Joni Mitchell's Harmonic Alienation"

Daniel Zimmerman, University of Maryland


   Break for 15 minutes

3:15 pm

"Sensing Sensibility in Joni Mitchell's Blue"

Nathan Cobb, University of California, Santa Barbara

3:45 pm

"Make You Feel Free: Self Expressive Meter on Joni Mitchell's Blue"

Nancy Murphy, University of Houston


   Closing Remarks

   Performance of "A Case of You"

   UConn Chamber Singers, arr. Sarah Marze

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